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Made with love by Tyler and Kim.

Born and bred in California and paired with a love for the Loire, Halcyon Wines is an exploration of California Cabernet Franc.

Halcyon Wines_Kim_Rose.png
The best of the Loire in California.
— Wine access
A brilliant Loire-esque play on the grape, this wine starts with cherry, dark cranberry, crushed peppercorns, wet stone and a hint of juniper on the nose. The palate is tremendously fresh and glugable, with a peppery spice decorating the deep yet tart red fruit. Airy yet with tannic grip, it has an aromatic finish.
— Matt kettman, wine enthusiast
...what Beyonce sees when she closes her eyes.
— Marissa ross, bon appetit
I’m thrilled to see the maturing of wine brands like... Halcyon.
— jon bonne, punch