2018 California Cabernet Franc

2018 California Cabernet Franc


THE STORY: We love Napa. We live here and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else (well maybe the Almafi Coast). Yet, one may note that often the exquisite deliciousness of Napa Cabernet Franc is equal to its lack of varietal uniqueness within the Valley. With our newest release, 2018 California Cabernet Franc, we believe we’ve created the “Anti-Napa” Cabernet Franc. From the sandy lands of Contra Costa County, we picked the grapes in early September. You’ll notice the wine is light in color, as the grapes were picked on taste and sugar/acid balance, not the darkness of the grapes. All berries were foot stomped with 25% of them left as whole cluster. You can’t miss the green edge in the wine, aromatically pepper pops out of the glass, followed by cherry. The wine fermented with native yeasts and completed malolactic fermentation naturally in all neutral barrels. The barrels were racked once and the wine was not fined, nor filtered. We bottled 10 months after harvest to capture the freshness and unique nature of this truly creative expression of Cabernet Franc. 

TYLER’S TASTING NOTES: There’s no denying this isn’t your uncle Jacques’s Cabernet Franc. It’s light in color, imagine Nebbiolo meets Burgundy, and proudly exposes its true self in clear bottles. The first whiff off the glass and pepperoncini and white pepper hits you. You double-take because it takes you off guard. A swirl, a revisit and its starting to come together. Poblano pepper raises then fades to rose petal. On entry the wine is lusher than the color may suggest, red cherry hits and your eyes spin like slot machines, triple cherry across the board. Bright acidity leads to Darjeeling black tea and a touch of gaminess on the finish. Fine tannins structure the wine like a half buttressed Gothic Cathedral in the French countryside. Is this not living?

Label photo by Rachel Rothstein

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